No Medical Exam Life Insurance for High Cholesterol

Having high levels of cholesterol usually implies having weight problems. Life insurance companies feel insecure about providing coverage to this type of people, due to numerous health problems associated with high cholesterol. Having more than 240mg/dl of total cholesterol means troubles for you.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Heart problems occur often when the arteries are clogged by cholesterol made plaque. But the point of this blog is not to criticize and scare people. We want to help you find life insurance and present all available policies, including no medical exam life insurance for high cholesterol.

Most insurance companies are aware of the risk associated of having high levels of cholesterol. Usually, the companies are aware of the AHA (American Heart Association) recommendations and guidelines regarding cholesterol. However, there are some companies willing to go beyond the standards and provide coverage even for people that present high mortality risk. Not ensuring sick and old people represents a major business mistake.

Companies that provide no medical exam life insurance accept people with high cholesterol, but even so, the rates will not be the best and the cost will be pretty high. But it is a better alternative than leaving your beloved relative financially unprotected. Even if medical exams are no longer required, you cannot hide the obvious.

The company will want to know something about your condition and if you are undergoing any treatment or diet. Also, you should mention if you are suffering of heart diseases or any other disorder. Medical problems not associated with cholesterol will also increase the cost.

Since no exam policies tend to be expensive, you should get first life insurance quotes and compare prices. Only then, you will be able to make and educated choice and not waste money. Online brokerage websites are very easy to use and offer relevant results.

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