No Medical Exam Life Insurance and Bad Health Condition! Is it possible to get insured?

We all want to live long and be healthy. But this is not always the case and in many situations, is not even our fault. We have a genetic defect that makes us sick or an accident leaves us with marks. Even if we are not in perfect condition we still long for a beneficial life insurance.

life insurance health conditionBut our pre-existing medical condition is greatly influencing the cost for term life insurance or whole life insurance. You can still find insurance, but with certain sacrifices. You will need to read more about no medical exam life insurance and bad health condition.

The standard procedure for many life insurance agencies is to ask the potential client for its health condition. Asking for medical records, medical exams and questioning about the use of nicotine/tobacco are regular procedures for any insurance agent. Understanding your condition is the first step when shopping and applying for life insurance.

There are policies and sub-policies. If you do not have major problems, apply for simple issue life insurance policies. But if you suffer of terminal diseases, like cancer in terminal phase, choose a graded death benefit policy. In most cases these are the only one available for you.

You will need to find someone able to understand your condition and your life expectancy. Ask for professional support of insurance agents specialized in finding insurance for sick persons. You will need to disclose all your medical records and analysis. Assessing your medical condition is only the first step. The second one is to find in which risk category you are included and what are the limitations for that specific category.

Again, only a specialist can give more details and clarify all your questions. Online research is another effective method for finding details about various policies. Free online quotes can also give you an estimate for premiums value. Try to obtain as many quotes as possible in order to determine an average premium value for your condition.

We provide quotes from top quality insurers all over US. We understand that having a medical condition makes things difficult and our website is dedicated in helping people that are in the similar situation. Visit us!