Life Insurance for Single Women

Life insurance is a product mostly designed for people who have financial dependents. However, single people can also purchase coverage in order to pay for their funerals or to support their loved ones and even to donate money, in case of unexpected death.  A young person can find the best term life insurance a lot easier because of good health and age.

Life insurance and women

single women insuranceWomen can get life insurance at cheaper rates than men. This is because In general, women live more than men and they are less likely to suffer from heart diseases or to pick up harmful habits like smoking or drinking.

In many households women have life insurance regardless if they work or stay at home and take care of the house and children. Buying a policy as a woman sometimes means getting the best term life insurance available!

Here are some good reasons why stay-at-home mothers should carry life insurance:

1.       They play a very important economical role

We never think of stay at home mothers as a valuable income source, because they do not earn paychecks. However this does not mean that they do not have an important economic role in the household. If you would add up the wages people earn for the jobs a stay at home mother does, you will realize the financial importance a stay at home parent has.

2.       They are also in danger of dying

A stay at home mother also leaves the house. She has to drive around the city for groceries and other errands and is exposed to the same risks as her husband. Even the house can be a dangerous environment as many people die in house fires and other accidents.

Should single women get insurance?

Single women have all the reasons of getting life coverage, especially if they are thinking of starting a family and having children. Getting a policy when you are young has some advantages: you get cheaper premiums and have access to better coverage. If you purchase a permanent plan, your policy will build cash value and buying it young means more money for retirement.

If you are looking for life insurance for women, visit our website and compare some quotes! We have contacts with important insurance providers and we can offer valuable advice!